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Word appliqued bunting in 'Vintage Bouquet'

Q. How much bunting do I need?

If in doubt always hire more than you think. There will always be an extra table/corner to hang it. For an idea of what you need your marquee supplier or venue host should be able to advise you on the dimensions of your space, so contact them first.

This also depends on which style you want to hang your bunting. For example from the centre to each corner, or all the way around the perimeter of the venue.
If the thought of Pythagoras Theorem is freaking you out, then contact us at Country Bumpkin Bunting and we’ll go through the agony together.

Q. Can I use the bunting outdoors?

Of course – weather permitting. Every bride prays for sunshine on their big day but if you’re not one of the lucky ones then plan ahead and have an alternative ‘dry’ location to hang it as our bunting is fairly delicate. If you do get caught in a downpour please inform us as soon as you can as we may have to notify our couriers to arrange a slightly later collection date.  You must ensure the bunting is dried and folded properly before packing it for collection as the courier fees paid are for a set weight – a large quantity of WET bunting will be more and you may have to pay the difference.I’m afraid we cannot hire any of our bunting for prolonged outdoor use due to the delicate nature of the materials used, and therefore the increased chance of damage.

Q. How do I book the bunting?

Simply contact Country Bumpkin Bunting with details including event date, quantity required and preferred design.  As we are so ‘hip and trendy’ you can Tweet or Facebook us, phone us, send us an email or we have a ‘Bunting Hire Enquiry Form’ on our contact page which is quick and easy to fill in, and captures most of the information we need to help with your enquiry.

Once you decide to book, we email you a booking form, which needs to be filled in and signed.  You then simply return it to us (hard copy by post, or signed, scanned and emailed if easier), and make the payment by your preferred method.

Q. How can I pay and when?

Bank transfer – (the fastest and easiest way) you can do this 24 hours a day with most banks via telephone/internet banking or the old fashion way over the counter at your local branch. Payments are direct, secure and traceable and your bank will not charge you. Your invoice will include our bank details.

Cheque – To be made payable to ‘R Davies’

Cash (if you’re local to Swansea) – our address details will be included on your invoice.

We will either email you a receipt or send you a hard copy receipt in the post.

Fees can be paid in full on booking or in two 50% instalments to help with budgeting. A partially refundable deposit of 50% is required to confirm your booking and the remaining 50% balance is due 4 weeks before your event (we will send a reminder email the week before). If you are booking within 4 weeks of the event then the balance is due in full on booking.

Q. How do I hang the bunting up?

We provide extra lengths of cotton tape to tie the bunting to poles, nails, beams etc.  If you run out, please use string or cotton tape and tie the bunting to the object.  Please do not hang the bunting using staples or any sticky or coloured adhesive tapes, ‘Blu-tack’ or glues, as this marks and breaks the bunting which will result in loss of deposit. If you can’t find anything suitable to hand the bunting on then our suggestion would be ‘Command medium hooks’ sold for £5.80 on Amazon.co.uk. There are also videos on youtube.com of how to use the hooks.
Always check with your marquee supplier/venue host if they are happy with this before booking. 

Q. Will I get my insurance premium back?

In 99% of cases, yes!  We always hand wash and iron the bunting before and after each rental so it is is mint condition for your event. If the bunting is returned to us un-marked, un-damaged and on time you’ll get all of your insurance premium back. We will refund you by whichever method you prefer. If the bunting is returned late then you will incur a 20% deduction from your insurance premium if your up to 2 days late. Anything later than that will result in the full loss of your insurance premium. If you decide to cancel altogether we require 6 weeks notice prior to your event. We will retain 50% of the insurance premium to cover the loss of booking but you will be refunded anything over that amount you may have paid. Please see our T&Cs for full details regarding deposits.

Q. Do you provide samples?

Yes we keep all of the off-cuts of all of our fabrics. This is perfect if your a planning freak (like us) and want to match the bunting up to chair covers etc. Just contact us and we will send you what you need free of charge.

 Q. How soon do I need to book?

Please book as early as possible as we get very busy, especially during the spring and summer months.  When you’re a bride you can never be too early or too organised. To give everyone a fair chance of getting their first choice, we have a strict first come first serve policy, and we can only ‘hold’ bookings for 5 days from the date of sending booking forms – we will re-release the bunting for other bookings without notification if we do not hear from you during that period.If you need it urgently, and if availability allows, we can get bunting delivered to you within 48 hours.


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